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Working Title 1.01.10: Working Wrap Up – What We’ve Learned in 2009

Working Title 1.01.10: Working Wrap Up – What We’ve Learned in 2009 Posted by Jordan Williams on 01.01.2010 2009 is gone. […]

Split/Second: Shipyard Devastation Trailer

Disney Interactive’s highly impressive looking racer just received a new vignette for the shipyard track. […]

Google Dominates the Viral Video Chart

If it seems like Google has been especially busy lately launching new features, it’s because it has. […]

More games for Christmas

Games make great gifts – especially during the holiday season. Here are some of the hottest titles to please eager gamers this summer. […]

Booyaha s mobile app MyTown turns the real world into Monopoly

We’ve written about plenty of location-based services that use elements of gaming to keep users glued and reach critical mass. […]

Eat Sleep Race T Shirts – Plug & Play January 2010

We run the streets T-shirt From: Eat Sleep Race,, $23.99 From ESR’s third collection comes the ‘We Run the Streets’ t-shirt, a collaborative effort with New York graphic designer, Unkle Chippy. […]

Blur Fast Track Gameplay Trailer

Activision Publishing has released a new video for Blur , a racing game where you will control photo realistic cars and use offensive and defensive attacks on a series of tracks in locations like L.A., San Francisco, the streets of Hackney, UK or the roads of Barcelona, Spain. […]

Blur “Vision” trailer talks revenge

Well, we still have no idea when Blur will be out, except that its release date has been set for a random day in 2010. […]

New look at Blur, a grown-up Mario Kart

Check out this new trailer for Blur, Activision’s upcoming racer. Looks like Mario Kart all grown up! Awww… Activision has yet to reveal a release date. […]