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BMW prize-carrot tied to Blur demo

Activision is dangling a real-life BMW 125i coupe beside the PS3 Blur demo in an effort to drive more attention to the game. […]

Blur to get DLC support after game launches

It seems the trend today is to offer downloadable extras for games on the day or soon after the game is released. […]

Blur Multiplayer Beta Giveaway

During your trips across wonderous expanse of the Internet over the past few days, you’ve no doubt heard of something named Blur . […]

Hands On: Blur

As obvious as it is to say so, given its title, the first thing that hits you about Blur is how fast everything seems. […]

Find a Blur beta code in this post

Hidden in this post are 4 pieces to a Blur Multiplayer Beta Code. The codes are are an alphanumeric series of letters XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. The fragments of the code are hidden in this post. […]

Evening Reading: Finishing Games

I’ve started way too many games recently that I haven’t had a chance to finish. I want to finish them, but other games get all selfish and release themselves. […]

Blur: The Multiplayer Beta Trailer

Having already offered up screenshots and details of the multiplayer Blur beta coming to Xbox 360, developer Bizarre and publisher Activision have now passed on a video: Please install Flash to view this Shackvideo Shackvideo users can use the HD Stream . […]

We’ve got more Blur multiplayer beta codes

Use your key to register for the beta at . The online beta begins Monday, March 8. Xbox Live Gold membership required. […]

Blur Multiplayer Beta Trailer

Activision Publishing has released a new movie for Blur , a racing game where you will control photo realistic cars and use offensive and defensive attacks on a series of tracks in locations like L.A., San Francisco, the streets of Hackney, UK or the roads of Barcelona, Spain. […]

Beta codes

The folks at Activision have kicked over 500 Blur beta keys for us to give out to our readers. […]