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Mario Kart Meets Call of Duty: Hands-On with Blur

The racing genre in video games tends to operate around two poles. On one end, you’ve got incredibly realistic driving simulations games like the Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport series. […]

Square To Launch ‘Extreme Edges’ Label

Japanese games giant Square Enix has launched a new games label, ‘Extreme Edges’, to incorporate its western titles, according to reports. […]

Square Enix Creates Separate Branding For Mature Titles In Japan

Square Enix will form a new internal label reportedly titled “Extreme Edges” to handle the primarily Western titles that earn mature ratings in Japan, according to a Famitsu translation on Japanese gaming website andriasang . […]

.Net Discussion Forums

Mike Stedman at April 26, 2010 8:55:35 AM People stop me on the street frequently and ask me how it is writing the GDNet Daily. […]

Blur Multiplayer Beta Walkthrough Trailer

Activision Publishing has released a new movie for Blur , a racing game where you will control photo realistic cars and use offensive and defensive attacks on a series of tracks in locations like L.A., San Francisco, the streets of Hackney, UK or the roads of Barcelona, Spain. […]

Weekly Recap April 24th: LittleBigPlanet 2 Spill, Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Coming, New Halo

The week started off slow and a bit dull on the news front, but then things started getting interesting and by interesting I mean someone working on the upcoming LittleBigPlanet sequel spilling the beans that the game is actually on the way. […]

Blur Available for Pre-Order/Release Date/Cars and Tracks Trailer

Activision Publishing has announced that those who pre-order Blur will receive some cool bonuses from the following retailers: GameStop, Best Buy and Hollywood Game Crazy . […]

Blur pre-order incentives, final “Under the Hood” trailer

May is getting closer, and Bizarre Creations’ racer Blur will be coming out at the end of next month. […]

Activision supports creative freedom, says community manager

Despite what you may have heard… The traditional view of Activision, even by some of its supporters, is not a positive one. […]

Bond game plans unaffected by film?

Bond game plans unaffected by film? News PC Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 News by Robert Purchese Today 08:55 Activision has declined to comment to Eurogamer on whether the indefinite suspension of the new James Bond film will alter its videogame plans. […]