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Gamestop, or Best Buy; that is the question. Fortunately for gamers, they have a choice, as Activision have today revealed some benefits to pre-ordering the upcoming online multiplayer racing game Blur. […]

Blur pre-order incentives revealed

Pre-order at GameStop, Best Buy or Hollywood Game Crazy and get some bonus goodies. […]

Blur Pre-Orders Net Ford Bronco or Dodge Viper ACR

Posted in Games , Xbox 360 by Ross Hayward on April 21st, 2010 at 22:10 Gamestop, or Best Buy; that is the question. […]

Danica Patrick adds voice to ‘Blur’

Race car driver Danica Patrick has found another wheel she is comfortable behind in the upcoming Activision video game Blur . […]

Blur (Beta) for the XBox 360 Live Review

On April 6th, XBox Live Gold members logged on to find the option of beta testing Activision’s new multiplayer racing game, Blur . […]

CODs of war

CALL OF DUTY employees at Infinity Ward are leaving Activision in droves after a handbags at dawn scenario betwixt developer and publisher. […]

Kotick: Majority of Acti titles in autumn

Activision boss Bobby Kotick has said he’s cautious about the publisher’s prospects for the next few months because most of its big games aren’t out for ages. […]

Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero updates for the week of April 15

Another trio of singles to break up the monotony of single-band packs is available today for Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero owners. […]

Analyst: Expect ‘Six Straight Months Of Growth’ For U.S. Game Retail

Analyst Todd Greenwald with Signal Hill said Thursday that U.S. video game retail sales are poised for “six straight months of growth,” beginning with NPD Group’s March sales results, releasing this evening. […]

Weekly Recap April 10th: Gears Of War 3 Announced, Game Reviewers Wanted, F3AR Coming

Some major slippage happened this past week when Microsoft inadvertently let loose some major news about Gears of War 3 . Find out exactly how it all went down and where it happened. […]