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Blur introduced new trailer to opening beta to all Xbox LIVE Gold Members

We offered you all a chance to enter the beta for Blur some time ago, but Chuck has broken the news yesterday that Activision is extending their beta wing to all 360 Gold Members. […]

Blur multiplayer beta now open access, new demo trailer

If you’ve been enjoying the Blur multiplayer beta demo on Xbox LIVE, prepare to be joined by a lot more players. […]

Blur Multiplayer Demo Trailer

Activision Publishing has released a new movie for Blur , a racing game where you will control photo realistic cars and use offensive and defensive attacks on a series of tracks in locations like L.A., San Francisco, the streets of Hackney, UK or the roads of Barcelona, Spain. […]

Blur multiplayer beta now available for all Xbox 360 owners

You all can stop e-mailing me about Blur beta codes now as the demo is now available to everyone on Xbox Live. […]

Blur multiplayer beta demo now up on Xbox LIVE

As a result of the enormous response to the closed multiplayer beta for Activision and Bizarre Creation’s arcade racer, Blur, the pair have put the beta demo up on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for all to download and enjoy. […]

Split/Second Downtown Mayhem Trailer

Disney Interactive released a new trailer of Blackrock Studios’ upcoming Hollywood-style action racer, Split/Second . The new trailer takes gamers through a very brief tour of the downtown area track that includes all sorts of crazy, destructive mayhem. […]


It’s time for racing fans everywhere to rejoice as Activision announced today that the Blur beta will be opening up to the public as of Tuesday, April 6, 2010; the program from Bizarre Creations has been gaining praise from the community. […]


Activision has outlined a list of upcoming DLC for Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero. Among this month’s music downloads are tracks from Blur, Black Sabbath, Fall Out Boy, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, plus several others. […]