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NPD Releases Top 20 List for May

NPD Releases Top 20 List for May Posted by Chris Lansdell on 07.02.2010 What other games sold well for the month? The NPD Group has released the Top 20 retail titles for the month of May, and the list is as surprising as the top 10 was. […]

NPD: Nintendo parties just like Rockstar

Red Dead Redemption lead the charge with over 1.5 million sold on 360 and PS3, which is more than its predecessor has sold in the entire 6 years since it was released. […]

Game Day: Three for the road, racers

Arcade-style racing games like these three don’t have the level of technical sophistication a simulation like “Forza” or “Gran Turismo” would have. […]

ModNation Racers’ top 15 finish sets slow pace for May racing game sales

Despite three high-profile launches in May, the racing genre got lapped that month, according to NPD sales data . […]

The top five disappointing games from May

NPD delayed their North American video game sales results for a couple of weeks while they upgraded their systems. […]

The apprentice strikes back

PC GAMES The editors of Game Informer Magazine rank the top 10 PC games for June: 1. “Splinter Cell: Conviction,” Ubisoft 2. “Blur,” Activision 3. “Split Second,” Disney Interactive Studios 4. “Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands,” Ubisoft 5. “Just Cause 2,” Eidos 6. “Settlers 7: The Paths to a Kingdom,” Ubisoft 7. “Metro 2033,” THQ 8. “Warhammer … […]

The universe has many mysteries, like Red Ded Redemption and Alan Wake.

The first half of 2010 started off with a bang for me, with my first ever MAGFest experience, and since then it has been a great year for games. […]

Racing Games Crash and Burn

The debuts of several high-profile racing titles were shockingly low for the month of May. […]

‘Split/Second’ laps other racing games

Two racing games went head-to-head to win over the hardcore Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 crowd. […]