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Bond’s not on his game

ANCIENT PROFESSION: Daniel Craig as James Bond. Blood Stone 007 From: Activision For: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Classification: R16 RRP: $120 Score: * * 1/2 Blood Stone 007 is the first Bond game featuring Daniel Craig as the suave British secret agent, and while it’s an entertaining romp, it’ll constantly remind you of better games that do what … […]

Bizarre Creations in a bizarre situation

It’s awful when bad things happen to good people- when people are so talented and deserve the jobs they’ve been given, but are instead thrown under the bus and left for dead. […]

Teens can shoot, drive or dribble this holiday season

It can be very difficult to get the appropriate video game for the teenage gamer. […]

Blog: Podcast #46

Welcome to the FORTY SIXTH instalment of the podcast they said probably wouldn’t last 46 minutes. […]

Tom Watson MP criticises coalition tax u-turn on videogames new

A Labour MP has accused the Coalition of putting jobs at risk in the videogame sector following its decision earlier this year to cancel proposed tax relief for the industry. […]

Article: Bizarre Situations

Published as part of our sister-site’s widely-read weekly newsletter, the Editorial, is a weekly dissection of an issue weighing on the minds of the people at the top of the games business. […]

Only One Previous Owner

Sometimes, I just don’t get the game industry at times. You’ve seen my criticisms over the years about how some high quality, well thought out games are left untouched, but others that are simply drawn up to earn a quick buck are successful. […]

Bizarre Creations on the Out and Out?

Back in 2007, Activision Blizzard acquired British game maker Bizarre Creations. […]

Hulu starts to phase in Plus pay service | Brier Dudley

After lots of testing, the hit online-video site Hulu launched its Hulu Plus pay service Wednesday for $7.99 per month. […]

Spike TV Announces Video Game Award Nominations

Spike TV Announces Video Game Award Nominations Posted by Adam Larck on 11.17.2010 Check out what games got the nod inside. […]