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Video Game News: Did Activision kill Bizarre Creations?

When Bizarre Creations closed its doors on February 18 this year, many gamers blamed Activision for the studio’s death. […]

Bizarre talks negative Activision influence

Former Bizarre Creations senior staff have revealed how the now-defunct studio changed for the worse while under Activision ownership. […]

Bizarre Creations Staff Speak Out On Closure

Senior staff reveal Activision’s excessively hands-on approach, Blur regrets and the chance to buy the studio back. […]

Video Game News Flash: Bizarre Creations’ culture and creativity was crushed by Activision

Speaking in Edge Magazine this month, Sarah Chudley, former Commercial Director for Bizarre Creations, noted how the developer’s office culture changed significantly once Activision got involved. […]

Activision’s Meddling Doomed Bizarre Creations

The wounds left by the shuttering of developer Bizarre Creations may still bea little too fresh, but let’s go ahead anyway with this news bit about how the studio’s owner, publisher Activision, apparently doomed the operation by meddling with all kinds of creative decisions. […]

Report: Bizarre Had Opportunity To Buy Itself Back

Martyn Chudley, managing director of defunct Activision studio and Project Gotham developer Bizarre Creations, told Edge magazine there was at one time an opportunity to buy back the studio’s independent status. […]

‘Bizarre Creations’ Sound Designer/Composer available.

Hi there, My name is Chris Chudley and I am a freelance Composer and Sound Designer trading as Audioantics. […]