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2011 round-up: development

The demise of LA Noire dev Team Bondi was emblematic of a year filled with closures and complaints of crunch. […]

2011 round-up: EA and Activision

Our look back on a year in which EA aggressively expanded into digital while Activision went all-in on Call Of Duty. […]

Split Screen: Christmas ghosts

It is the season for making up lists of games: the best, the worst, the highest selling, the most disappointing, and so on. […]

Arcade Games Are Dead, And We Have Killed Them – Feature

Arcade-style video games are on the way out, or so analysts and CEOs would have us believe Hollywood-style spectacles are what gamers want in a full-priced boxed product. […]

Axis Animation on the art of the game trailer

Steven Poole explains why Whack ‘Em and Hack ‘Em will not be coming to a game store near you any time soon. […]

In Memory: 5 Notable Game Studio Closures of 2011

With the way the economy is heading these days, we should expect to see more and more companies go under, and video game development studios are not immune to such sad news. […]

Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays – Sonic Boom and Stuntman edition

After a couple of so-so weeks, we finally get a pair of great games worth checking out on Xbox Live Arcade. […]