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r1ckparker’s Journal – Games that will never receive a sequel

A departure from my usual ramblings, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite games which will never receive a sequel. […]

Disney announces ‘Disney Infinity’

After the success of Activision’s Skylanders, Disney is continuing to blur the line of video game and toys with the announcement of ” Disney Infinity “. “Disney Infinity” was announced this Tuesday and will feature over 30 collectible figures that can be scanned into the game world of Infinity. […]

Blur 2 Might Have Looked Like This

One of the more depressing studio casualties of the past couple of years was Geometry Wars and Project Gotham Racing developer, Bizarre Creations. […]

Watch This: Blur 2 was Almost a Thing

A few years ago, Bizarre Creations released a somewhat realistic racing game with kart-style power-ups into the world in the hopes of shaking the genre up a bit. […]

Bizarre Creation’s last project revealed

A newly published video from an artist formerly employed by Bizarre Creations reveals what a sequel to the action-oriented racing could have looked like. […]

Sony, BMG Reteam for Parlophone Label Bid

Sony Corp. and German media giant Bertelsmann are looking set to team up again in a bid for Parlophone and possibly other top EMI music labels being sold off by Vivendi’s Universal Music Group. […]