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Blood Stone 007 trailer takes Bond to Istanbul, not Constantinople

While most of the focus has been on the remake of Goldeneye for the Nintendo Wii, there is actually another James Bond game coming out this Fall in the form of Blood Stone 007 .A The game is being developed by Bizarre Creation for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 as a third-person shooter and Activision has put out a new trailer to show some of the … […]

NPD Releases Top 20 List for May

NPD Releases Top 20 List for May Posted by Chris Lansdell on 07.02.2010 What other games sold well for the month? The NPD Group has released the Top 20 retail titles for the month of May, and the list is as surprising as the top 10 was. […]

NPD: Nintendo parties just like Rockstar

Red Dead Redemption lead the charge with over 1.5 million sold on 360 and PS3, which is more than its predecessor has sold in the entire 6 years since it was released. […]

Natal makes a Wave

Before you jump to conclusions. Microsoft isn’t canceling the Wave device for the Xbox 360. […]

News// UK Software Charts: Red Dead Redemption Holds #1 To Ransom

Yee-haw! Red Dead Redemption remains the most Wanted game in the UK all-format software chart as it holds its #1 position despite a 40% drop in sales from last week. […]

Analyst: Expect ‘Six Straight Months Of Growth’ For U.S. Game Retail

Analyst Todd Greenwald with Signal Hill said Thursday that U.S. video game retail sales are poised for “six straight months of growth,” beginning with NPD Group’s March sales results, releasing this evening. […]

Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero DLC List for April

Activision today announced the April lineup of music downloads that gamers will be able to purchase, which includes bands like the great, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Fall Out Boy and The All-American Rejects. […]

Game Review: Band Hero, Lego Rock Band — clean rock

Musical video games are already family-friendly. There’s no violence, and their developers have already weeded out most of the sex and drugs in rock ‘n’ roll. […]

Game Accessory Manufacturers Make Big Money

Just two months after its release, Modern Warfare 2, a highly anticipated game from Activision, has seen $1 billion dollars in sales. […]

Sales fall in December

Sales of video-game software in the U.S. slumped during the month of December despite a sharp rise in console sales, closing the books on what has been a disappointing year for the sector. […]