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Activision’s Meddling Doomed Bizarre Creations

The wounds left by the shuttering of developer Bizarre Creations may still bea little too fresh, but let’s go ahead anyway with this news bit about how the studio’s owner, publisher Activision, apparently doomed the operation by meddling with all kinds of creative decisions. […]

‘Bizarre Creations’ Sound Designer/Composer available.

Hi there, My name is Chris Chudley and I am a freelance Composer and Sound Designer trading as Audioantics. […]

Hogrocket’s Ben Ward on Bizarre closure

US publishing giant Activision angered many gamers when it closed one of the UK’s most respected developers: Bizarre Creations. […]

Hogrocket’s Ward On Bizarre Closure

“We lost that ability to say what we want, do what we want, and most importantly make what we want.” Ben Ward, the former Bizarre Creations community manager, has given his perspective on the closure last month of the Liverpool studio by parent company Activision. […]

Former Bizarre staff form Hogrocket

Former staff members of Bizarre Creations have announced a new studio. Hogrocket will focus on developing for multiple platforms, including mobile devices and desktop computers. […]

Ex-Bizarre devs form Lucid Games

From the ashes of Liverpool developer Bizarre Creations’ closure emerges a new studio: Lucid Games. […]

Video game developers Bizarre reform as Lucid

“We plan to build a studio which encourages open communication with its partners, customers and other developers.” Bizarre folded earlier in the year after its parent company, Activision’s, encountered difficulties in the global marketplace “/> Fri 25 Feb 2011 Video game developers Bizarre reform as Lucid Media / UK Recently bankrupted Liverpudlian … […]

Activision not to blame for Bizarre creations closure

Former lead designer with recently defunct studio Bizarre Creations Gareth Wilson has been speaking about the demise of his former employer. […]

Exclusive: Former Bizarre Creations staff set up new firm

A TEAM from former video games firm Bizarre Creations has launched a new studio to help keep talented video games developers in the region. […]

Bizarre Creations’ Wilson Explains Closure

Former design lead says changing industry and risk-averse gamers led to studio’s demise. […]