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Activision mulls over the fate of Bizarre & Budcat Creations

Leo Chan – Tuesday, November 16, 2010 9:03pm 0 Blur, Project Gotham and Guitar Hero Wii/PS2 port developers in danger of being dissolved Activision has confirmed in a statement to Shacknews that it is in the process of re-evaluating its investment in Bizarre Creations. […]

Rumour: Bizarre Creations closes with loss of 200 staff

Creators of Project Gotham Racing and Geometry Wars , and Blur and 007: Blood Stone under Activision, are rumoured to have been shuttered . […]

The Bizarre Bazaar

IndustryGamers has a confirmation from Activision that they are looking for a buyer for Bizarre Creations, the U.K.-based racing game developer they acquired in 2007 . […]

Activision Closing Bizarre Creations

Numerous reports are coming in that Activision may be shutting down Bizarre Creations, the studio responsible for the recent Bond game Bloodstone . […]

Tremors: Activision Shuts Down Bizarre Creations – News

Long time UK developer – and the team behind Project Gotham , Geometry Wars , Blur and the recent James Bond Bloodstone – has apparently been closed by its parent Activision/Blizzard. Despite the fact that neither Activision UK nor Bizarre Creations itself are currently available for comment, numerous other sources have indicated that the … […]

Activision May Sell Bizarre Creations

Activision is rethinking their 2007 purchase of Liverpool studio Bizarre Creations. […]

The fate of Bizarre Creations

Looks like the morning rumors were true. Activision will be closing/selling Bizzare Creations, the company behind games like Blur , Geometry Wars , and the recent James Bond: BloodStone . […]

Bizarre Creations ‘shut down by Activision’

Bizarre Creations has been shut down, according to a report. Sources have told Giant Bomb that owner Activision has closed the Liverpool studio and has made its 200-strong workforce redundant. […]

Video Game News: Activision and Bizarre vs Viacom and Harmonix

Activision has put Bizarre Creations on notice, notifying the company of a potential sale or closure. […]


Rumor going around is that all 200 folks at Bizarre Creations has been let go by Activision. […]