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Activision’s Stock Dips, Investors Worry About Lack Of Innovation

The most important group of people to Activision are worried about the company…no, not gamers, investors. […]

E3 2011 Anticipation: EA, Capcom, Konami and Activision Feature

What do the biggest publishers have in store for E3? In just a few short days, the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo will kick off with press conferences, pre-show parties, and more hype than a Star Wars press junket. […]

Video Game News Flash: Bizarre Creations’ culture and creativity was crushed by Activision

Speaking in Edge Magazine this month, Sarah Chudley, former Commercial Director for Bizarre Creations, noted how the developer’s office culture changed significantly once Activision got involved. […]

Eat Sleep Race T Shirts – Plug & Play January 2010

We run the streets T-shirt From: Eat Sleep Race,, $23.99 From ESR’s third collection comes the ‘We Run the Streets’ t-shirt, a collaborative effort with New York graphic designer, Unkle Chippy. […]