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Danica Patrick explains the basics of Blur

Danica Patrick already wears many hats as Indy Race Car driver, NASCAR Nationwide Series driver, spokesperson, and model. […]

Blur Danica Patrick 101 Trailer

Danica Patrick gives you a tutorial on Blur basics Activision Publishing has released a new movie for Blur , a racing game where you will control photo realistic cars and use offensive and defensive attacks on a series of tracks in locations like L.A., San Francisco, the streets of Hackney, UK or the roads of Barcelona, Spain. […]

Danica Patrick stars in awkward Blur tutorial video

It looks like Activision has roped in Go Daddy spokeswoman and race car driver Danica Patrick to help promote Blur . […]

Preview: ‘Split/Second: Velocity’

When it speeds onto Xbox 360, PC and PS3 next month, Split/Second: Velocity will go head-to-head with Activision’s racing/combat game Blur , and so the title will have to prove its mettle to win the hearts and minds of gamers. […]

Danica Patrick adds voice to ‘Blur’

Race car driver Danica Patrick has found another wheel she is comfortable behind in the upcoming Activision video game Blur . […]

Activision releases April’s music lineup for the Hero series

April is almost here , so Activision is preparing their next month’s lineup for Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero . […]

GameStop pioneered the video game preorder process

Video game retailer GameStop pioneered the concept of preordering hot video game releases by offering custom t-shirts, coolers, collectors editions, and other branded items as a reward to a loyal customer base. […]