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Priceline Parent Company Suing Zynga and Activision Over Tournament Patent

In 2002, Walker Digital, parent company of discount travel site, received a patent for a “database driven online distributed tournament system.” Today, the company has filed a lawsuit against Zynga and Activision Blizzard, alleging that the two companies are infringing against that patent. […]

Best of 2010: Xbox 360 / PS3

The biggest year yet. Of course we say that every year, mostly because it’s true. […]

VGA Announcements Roundup

New Mass Effect , Elder Scrolls , SSX , Prototype ; del Toro horror game confirmed; some awards too. […]

A virtual farm turns new ground for game developers

Farmville has already attracted more than 80 million online gamers in its short history. […]

Only One Previous Owner

Sometimes, I just don’t get the game industry at times. You’ve seen my criticisms over the years about how some high quality, well thought out games are left untouched, but others that are simply drawn up to earn a quick buck are successful. […]

Bizarre Creations on the Out and Out?

Back in 2007, Activision Blizzard acquired British game maker Bizarre Creations. […]

Hulu starts to phase in Plus pay service | Brier Dudley

After lots of testing, the hit online-video site Hulu launched its Hulu Plus pay service Wednesday for $7.99 per month. […]

Report: Microsoft eyeing U.K. studio Bizarre | Brier Dudley’s Blog

Steve Jobs finally landed the Fab Four , and now Microsoft may get the Bizarre 200. […]

Report: Microsoft interested in UK’s Bizarre gaming firm

Microsoft, whose gaming division is only gaining momentum with Kinect and Xbox Live, may be interested in acquiring UK game studio Bizarre Creations — or at least its employees — according to a report today. […]

Bizarre Creations facing closure?

Activision has confirmed that they are considering the future of Bizarre Creations after rumours surfaced that the studio was to be closed making its 200-strong workforce redundant. […]