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Recently released market study: Toys and Games in Canada

As a result of this trend, retail sales of toys and game experienced an increase in value over the previous year.

James Bond: why 007 games have almost never worked

Rip-roaring adventure, memorable enemies and beautiful women, the Bond movies should make great games.

Funeral For Some Friends: Honoring game studios that have shut down.

This generation more so then any previous one has seen many ups and down. Bust sadly when it comes to developers for many of them its been down.

Jack of All Trades: Forza Horizon preview

When I ask Dan Greenawalt, creative director on the Forza driving series, why he thinks it is that interest in racing games has declined over the past decade, he stops me.

New Market Report: Video Games in Canada

By utilising motion sensor technology that allows users to control their in-game experience through physically moving the controller, the Wii console changed the way people play video games.

Redlands woman to take part in MS Challenge Walk

Jennifer Carbaugh has decided to participate in the 2012 MS Challenge Walk, a 50 mile walk done over two days next month in San Diego.

Redlands woman to take part in MS Challenge Walk

Dierks was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2008 and the two Redlands High School graduates have since not only become closer but they have bonded fighting MS.

Behold the Fearmaster: Activision’s Gaming Gun With a Twist [EXCLUSIVE]

Gun controllers for game consoles have evolved quite a bit since Duck Hunt . The latest is Activision 's Top Shot Fearmaster, a rifle-shaped controller that comes with the new game, Cabela's Dangerous Hunts .

What Is the World’s Fourth Largest Internet Company Doing Now?

In the biennial bursts of global Olympic mania, the spotlights rarely waver from the podium.

EA announces Battlefield 4 release window

We're still a ways from a proper release date announcement, but at least we now know something we didn't. As reports , EA revealed during its latest earnings call that Battlefield 4 will come out some time during the company's 2014 fiscal year.