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Ex-Bizarre devs revive Dreamcast cult classic Fur Fighters on iPad

Liverpool-based mobile developer Muffin Games developed a port of the third-person action game, which launched on Dreamcast, PC and PlayStation 2 in 2000, using the PC codebase.

Wii U: WTF is NFC?

Nosy journalists might ask Activision to explain the mechanism behind Skylanders' 'portal of power' - and they'll be told it's "magic". A rather whimsical notion from the company best known for Call Of Guns: Guns Kill Murder Death Guns.

Activision close down Prototype developer

Prototype and The Simpsons: Hit & Run developer Radical Entertainment has been shut down by owner Activision, with the publisher blaming poor sales of Prototype 2 for the move.

EA press conference illuminates industry challenges, FPS fatigue

Cheering at E3 is always controversial, but what about ironic cheering? At its Monday press conference, Electronic Arts certainly got a smattering of that during its intro video, as logos for its Sims , Pogo and other casual brands flew across the screen .

New Professional Product Line Puts Faceware’s Complete Facial…

Faceware's New End-to-End Tool Suite Helps Animators Create High-Fidelity Facial Performances 3-10x Faster than Hand Keying a leading provider of 3D facial animation software for the video game, film, television and commercial industries, today announced that it has launched its Faceware Professional Product Line, a low-cost, start-to-finish facial ... (more)

Gas Guzzlers Brings Back The Golden Era Of Combat Racing

If you've been looking for a gorgeous racing title that doesn't skimp on the content, go easy on the carnage or take firepower lightly, then you're looking for a game with mufflers of steel, and a potential title to soothe that thirst for twisted metal is an indie game called Gas Guzzlers .

Book Review: Exploring Video Gaming’s Near-Death with “1983”

Rather than approaching the topic of video games from a wide-ranging, all-inclusive perspective, Kohler instead drills down here into a single crucial moment in time for the young medium: The near-crash of the industry in year 1983.

Activision to open UK mobile studio

We duck in for one at the watering hole that doubles as a purgatorial stopover on the way to maturity.

Activision preparing to open new mobile studio in UK

Newsbrief: Activision intends to open a new mobile game development studio in the UK, a move local trade groups have hailed as a "massive vote of confidence" for the country's game industry.

Appy 1st Birthday Grubby Hands

Having released chart-topping 'David Haye's Knockout' and much-loved 'Boy Loves Girl', Grubby Hands has lots to toast as Wednesday 16th May Since rising from the fall of Activision's Bizarre Creations, in February last year, Grubby Hands' Founder and Company Director, Dr Danny Pearce, has been getting his hands dirty by creating the ferociously ... (more)